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GetItOn has been there for a while and has so far created a solid reputation. For this reason, it has become a great dating site for bisexual casual encounters. From its membership, there is no doubt that it means business. This site seeks to attract more women not to scare them, no wonder it has one of the cleanest websites.

The fact that this site is scanty of pornographic images makes women feel safer while on the site. GetItOn is an Australian adult dating site targeting singles who want nothing but classy sex. Here you will meet millions of horny men and women looking to be laid in a mature and safer way.

Unlike other dating sites where the ratio of men to women is not impressive, GetItOn brings on board all forms of sexuality making it very easy to get laid or find a potential date.


GetItOn is one of the online dating website with the highest pool of users. Today, the site boast of over 31 million worldwide users. Been founded in Australia, 1 million of its users are in Australia. On average, the site receives over 500,000 visitors per month. And because it specifically targets heterosexual hook up and casual sex, GetItOn features a pretty mix of all sexuality.

Majority of user here are male but also the ratio of women is also high. That means, one woman can have several men which is the cream of bisexual fantasy. One thing that impressed me is that it draws its membership across the world so if you are always traveling you can still find someone in your destination for casual sex.


There is no much difference with other adult dating sites in terms of membership. You can join as a free member or a paid member. The good thing about this site is the seven-day free trial which allows you to test whether the site is worth your money. The features available for free members include;

  • Creating profile and browsing for free
  • Contact up to 10 Cupid matches
  • Responding to paying members

PositivePaid members

Subscription unlocks all the sites features for a fun and engaging dating experience.

  • 1 month at $18.95
  • 4 months at $9.95 per month (47% savings)
  • 18 months at $5.95 per month (68% savings)

PositiveKey features

  • A comprehensive matching system
  • Generous profile fields allowing users to display their personality
  • Broad and detailed search function
  • Sexual compatibility is first priority
  • Clean and classy layout

What I liked about GetItOn dating site

PositiveClassy and clean website

There is one thing that scares away online daters particularly women. And that is too many pornographic images on the sites, this creates a sense that your nudity might be displayed to the public.

Again, even heterosexuals want these relationships to remain a secret thus the popups of nude images is scary to many. If you are like me, who wants a discreet sexual life, this is the place. You will have an easy time on this site because it is impressively clean. In other words, it is a dating site for mature people.

PositiveEasy to join

At GetItOn, you can see the fun awaiting you before you join. The layout is very basic and straightforward. In a nutshell, GetItOn has a three-minute sign-up process. After sign up, you can customize your profile according to your preferences and tastes. This is a plus for newbies in the realm of adult dating. Singles and couples that genuinely want to be laid will navigate through the site easily without a ton of struggles.

PositivePowerful and easy to use search function

This dating site uses an intricate matching method to help users meet their ideal sexual match. In its matching system, it combines the answers of a short sexual compatibility with the users own preferences. It then filters members based on how the chemistry of the two profiles showcase. More so, you can search for matches based on online status, proximity or hotness ratings.

PositiveSafety and security

The safety of your personal data should not be a bother. You will not be asked to provide any personal information beyond the basic profile fields. GetItOn is a secure dating site verified and secured through Go Daddy.

Beyond this, the site uses an in-house technical staff who continually ensure the safety and security of its members. recently, the site has joined hands with Mandiant (renowned third-party forensic expert) to improve the site security and privacy of its members

PositiveQuality profiles

There is not a single dating site that is completely free of fake profiles. Having said that what matters is the proportion available in the network. GetItOn tries its best to filter out inactive profiles leaving a decent proportion of legit profiles.

PositiveGet laid in 3 months guarantee

It's huge membership across the globe speak volumes. With over 500,000 visitors per month, the site has extremely high chances of discovering your passionate sexual partner as fast as possible. Just work on your profile and you won’t need to go to three months. Thanks to the advanced matching system of the site.

PositiveThings to watch out

Generally speaking, nothing is completely flawless. GetItOn also has some drawbacks you may want to consider before joining.

  • There is no mobile app for the site. For this reason, you may not continue hunting for suitable matches once you are out of office.
  • There is no member verification. As a result, there could be a large proportion of fake and inactive profiles

PositiveBottom Line

As earlier mentioned, GetItOn is one of the largest adult dating sites. As compared to the majority of dating sites available today, GetItOn knows the secret of adult dating and perhaps this is the reason for its large membership base.

In terms of web layout, GetItOn scores the highest for its clean and classy layout. By joining GetItOn, you have the guarantee that you will be laid within the first three months. Besides this, the subscription cost is affordable for any serious dater.

Lastly, the in-depth matching system ensures that you are matched with someone who closely matches your preferences. Join today and rediscover your passion.

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