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Frankly speaking, at, you are spoilt for choices. If it’s safe dating environment, faster hook up or discreet hookup, this dating site ensures you get it all.

Ideally, this dating site was incepted with married men and women in a relationship looking for fun on the side but no commitment relationship in mind. Simply put, NoStringsAttached is a dating site for those looking for extramarital affairs.

It is worth noting that this dating site is affiliated to which is one of the largest online dating sites offering secure and discreet hookups. The good thing is that this dating site is largely inclined towards women due to its clean and bright web page.

The front page features a man and a woman in bed together something that incites more ladies to join up. This is a plus for men. So if you want to score tonight, this is one site worth trying. It is a site full of features all to ensure that you get the best.

I have no doubt you will have joined the dating community by the time we are coming to the end of this review.


NoStringsAttached dating is a well-established and reliable dating sites with over 14 years of experience in the dating niche. Over the years, it has mastered the dating tips and tweaks and as it stands today, it is offering one of the best dating platform.

There are around 3,000,000 active users on this dating site. Similarly, the site receives 80,000 visitors per month. What makes this website outstanding is the fact that there is fairly a good mix of male and female members, so you don’t have to struggle to find sexual connections. Majority of its members are from the USA, Germany, and Canada.


This is a three tier dating site. You may wish to be a standard member and see what the site has in its stores. Equally, you may opt to go for the full membership plan to make the most out of the site. However, it is important to note that as a standard user, there is not much to enjoy.

Premium options include

  • 1 month membership at $29.95
  • 3 months membership at $59.95 (14.99/month) +1 month free bonus
  • 12 months membership at $161.10 ($8.95/month) +6 months free bonus

As can be seen from these prices, the 1-month subscription is a little more expensive. However, by subscribing to longer periods you will enjoy significant savings with up to 6 free months if you join for a 12-month contract.

PositiveFeatures at glance

  • Total number of users online
  • Live webcam shows with hot members
  • Profile visibility feature, to turn your profile on or off
  • Private networks with interests and friends on the site
  • Private calls and interaction chat rooms
  • A dedicated blog and forum section
  • Thousands of sexy pictures and videos uploaded to profiles

PositiveLogin and signup process

The login process here is not a complicated process. Just like its impressive landing page, the signup process is simple like with other dating sites. All you need to do is to create a profile following the directions given.

What I liked about

PositiveClean and easy to use website

When you join the site, you will be amazed to see how clean and easy to use this site is. No matter where you go on the site, the layout is excellent. This appeals to a broad audience particularly a lot of women that feel uncomfortable using dating sites.

The landing page and intimate feel of the site explain why it has such a large user base and high monthly traffic. In addition to this, the easy to navigate adds the juice of online dating.

PositiveHigh chances of successful dates

This dating is just amazing. First, with such a huge user base and its high monthly traffic, it is very hard not to find someone for a side fun with. That notwithstanding, the male: female ratio is good. This is means you can easily find a potential date easily regardless of your gender.

Unlike other dating websites where you will sweat to find sex connections, everything here is exciting. In fact, you would keep coming back again and again.

PositiveIn-depth search functionality

Another worthy feature at NoStringsAttached is the search feature. It is designed in such a way that you can search your possible match based on certain parameters like location, body type and more.

The site does not cut corners it allows you to fish for your match something that makes being on the site an enjoyable experience.

PositiveDiscreet relationship

NoStringsAttached knows the risk a cheating partner faces and for this reason, it has put in place mechanisms to ensure privacy. It is interesting to see that you can make private phone calls to your friends and potential dates using untraceable phone numbers.

You can also turn your profile to private mode so people can only see you if you want. Boom! You can only talk about privacy and secrecy on the site.

PositiveValue for money

There is not a dating site like the NoStringsAttached. Here you will see every single coin giving back the real value. In addition to the interesting discounts attached to the subscriptions plan, you can enjoy 1 month free of charge if you subscribe for a 3 months contract as well as 6 months free when you subscribe for a 12-months contract.

PositiveExcellent customer service

NoStringsAttached has a great customer support for its users. The good thing is that it caters for everyone regardless of experience level.

PositiveThings to watch out

  • Nothing is without pain points and these are the things to watch out;
  • Large percentage of fake profiles
  • Mostly dominated by females

PositiveBottom Line

It is arguably true that NoStringsAttached is one of the best destination for married people looking for extramarital sex. And one of the things that have kept this dating site is its far-fetched experience in the business.

Many dating sites pop up with flashy and glitzy profiles but they have been unable to build a reputation like the NonStringsAttached. The site has a lot of features to offer and make extramarital hookups exciting.

In short, it has more than you actually need from a dating site. Join today and take advantage of the free month’s bonus when you join for 3 months and 12 months. Get me clear, you are going to be laid tonight, this weekend and every subsequent weekend.

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