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PositiveOverall Review is a dating site incepted with gays in mind but this is not to say lesbians, bisexuals and transgender users are left behind. The site was incepted 14 years ago and during this time it has earned itself a lasting reputation as the best dating site for gays.

For your information, this dating site is operated and owned by homosexuals. The broad experience in the dating niche, has proved to be a true friend for anyone looking for true love, casual dating or friendship.

It is free to join the site and you are guaranteed to meet many good looking twenty-somethings. Above that, it is still the ultimate international dating site for lesbians seeking romance, love, casual flings, friendship and more.

It offers a lot of features, to help its members date from anywhere anytime. If you want to learn more about this dating site, stick here with me as I walk you through.


Although is not very popular it touts having around 100,000 users. As a matter of fact, such a population is not a joke. But it shows there is a large pool of people to interact with. And what’s more is that many of its users are scattered across the globe, making it a truly global page. It is important to note that majority of the profiles here have genuine looking pictures which is a good start in terms of the quality of members.


OneScene is not greedy for your money, it is absolutely free to join. You will create your profile and take the advantage of all the sites features without having to pay a single cent. The site understands that love is priceless and natural thus allowing you to commit your money in other productive uses as you enjoy the 14-day free trial. What this means is that you can try out the site to see if it is really worth your time and upgrade fees. gives everyone who wants to hook up with like-minded individuals a free platform. This dating site for guys offers a wide range of features to its members making hook up relatively easier. Some of the key features that make to be worth your time includes;

  • Facebook sign up
  • Instant chat
  • Lifestyle insight
  • Sending icebreaker
  • Favorite list
  • Range of apps

PositiveSign up and login process

Setting up a free account on Onescene, is easy and effortless. Even new individuals who haven’t tried online dating or have just joined this dating site will not have troubles creating their profiles.

When it comes to signing up, this dating site offers you two options to create your account. You can either join using Facebook ID or use an email address. Like with other dating sites, you will proceed by providing your basic information and finally click the terms of service. After this, you are set to go about forming connections.

What I liked about

PositiveSearch capabilities integrates a basic search option. All you need is to browse through the profiles to find a match that perfectly suits your interests and preferences. To ensure you get exactly what you wanted after the page has loaded the list of all possible matches, you can niche down to lesbians or bisexuals in your locality based on many other parameters like what they enjoy most, lifestyles and more. At the end, you will settle down with one whom your search chemistry matches most.


There are numerous ways to make connections with users on the site. First, you can click the chat option on the profile of your favorite partner to begin chatting immediately. You can also make use of the icebreaker to send winks, waves or pokes to interests and favorite profiles. And just when you feel you have built some bonding, you can hit the “add friend” button to show them you are interested in them. Furthermore, there is a range of apps that enable daters to keep in touch with their lovers via desktop, browsers, and mobile.


There is no doubt that is an incredibly safe website to join no wonder the large user base. By now you must have realized that it doesn’t even ask your permission to access your Facebook information when joining. So what this means is that the site is committed to offering its members a secure and safe dating environment.

You are guaranteed that your personal data won’t be sold to third parties unless you authorize it. However, despite the tight security measures, this doesn’t mean you become too careless. No! Try to exercise some caution with whom you choose to share your information with.

PositiveEase of use

One of the best selling points of this, website is its clean and user-friendly website interface. The features and tools needed for hookups are easily found on the dashboard. That’s not all, the overall web design of Onescene is welcoming and bright. Every time you log in, the site displays your new match results and suggestions. The icing on the cake is that all the features work faster and smoothly making the site a fun to use


There is no other better term that can describe other than diversity. This is simply because it is designed for all kinds of relationships. With more than 100,000 members on the site, it means you will meet an extensive population of people to interact with online. Furthermore, most of its users are based on various locations internationally giving the site a global title.

PositiveWhat to watch about on

  • The free membership is not lifetime
  • As a free member expect to be bashed with ads which you can’t turn off

PositiveBottom Line

If you are a member of the gay community, is one dating site that you can really count on. It has embraced diversity which is a plus for those who like traveling. In overall, this dating site features a nice, clean and easy to use interface so that no one fined troubles navigating through the site. After considering all the above-mentioned factors, it is true to say that is a great site for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals looking for a safe and secure online dating portal.

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